Koreatown Exclusive

We're more than just parking, we're K-Parking.

Parking can make or break business.
Have everything ready for your patrons, neighbors, and guests.

With the lack of parking space within Koreatown, we're doing something different to manage traffic. We make it simple and easy for patrons to park in our dedicated lots and commute to the store through walking, shuttle, or other vehicles. Your business will no longer run out of parking space or have long parking wait times.


Get your patrons to park within our parking lot locations. They get to park & shuttle for free if they are members.


We provide everyone a portal to use our app. Everything from businesses, services, locations, and much more will be listed within the app.


Paying for ads can get pretty expensive. We do a lot of local advertisements and outreach through our services. You get a free business page, and you can also buy local ads.

Services & Software

We'll help you connect locally

Ad Network

As our primary customers, members & fans are within Koreatown. We will advertise locally and we verify with address. We do not sell data of any individual or business.

Social Impact

Historically Koreatown has been left behind. We're changing that by showing the city how a community can do more to help it's own neighbors and local businesses collectively.


We have a diverse set of skillset from software development, photography, digital graphics, social media, small business development and other services that help grow and build relations with customers.

Parking Management

If you have a parking lot but don't want to deal with the hassle of parking management. We provide the services to manage remotely or have standby staff. Fitting the parking lot needs.

Digital Media

We live in a digital age where everything must be online & look great. These are the skills we hone to run our business, and now we provide them to the local businesses in our area.


A picture is worth a thousand words. It's why we have contact with various photographers that specialize in different areas. Reach out for your needs, and we'll set you up with a photographer.

Image Hosting

We manage everything from databases, servers, systems, and much more. As we have a giant library of images, we had to host our server to reduce costs. This service is available to all.

Stock Images

We have a library of images around Koreatown. Everything from the buildings, skyline, streets, business, and everyday life. We provide a simple subscription to use these images.

Website Services

Building websites & maintaining is second nature to what we do. We have partners who solely dedicate to website development. No need to rely on agencies or website builders that rely on you paying more money or time.

Customer Support

People have questions, and having an employee answer means a customer has to wait. It's why we have a partnership with a support agency to provide the service without making any customer wait.


We have a local shuttle service to take members to parking lots, businesses or connect them with local transportation. Giving customers a peace of mind on trying to find parking.

Extra Parking

If you have no parking or lack the additional spaces, we can work something out with local parking spaces. It enables you to gain more customers who drive. Our shuttle also helps reduce parking dependency.

Local Partnerships

We have been building relations and contacts with local businesses, franchise owners, organizations, and much more. Everything is here within Koreatown; whatever you may need, we most likely have it or can get it.

KP Program

Imagine a loyalty program without the fees (that's where the points come from). We are lucky enough to do marketing locally, instead of spending on online ads, we give the $ to the community. About other loyalty rewards program.

& More

We're continually developing different serves to meet the needs of our partners and our own needs. Feel free to send an email to inquire about the possible services.